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Get happy, silky, elastic and smooth skin for up to 24 hours with ACILAC HIDRA. Thanks to its high gluconolactone pH 4.0 content, this body milk forces the skin to retain water, speeding up the repair and rejuvenating of dry skins and those with a tendency toward atopy. Notice the results right from day one.

HIDRA is a very comfortable body treatment milk thanks to its non-oily texture and immediate absorption. What’s more, its intense and prolonged moisturising power ensures an all-day feeling of well-being on the skin.

  • Body treatment milk
  • High Gluconolactone pH 4.0 content
  • Prolonged hydration for up to 24 hours
  • Compatible with the use of acne drugs, including tretinoin
  • Compatible with hydroquinone, retinyl acetate
  • Compatible with laser and dermoabrasion therapies (use before and after)
  • Epithelialising and healing

  • Eliminates flaking
  • Regenerates the skin
  • Soothes the feeling of itching
  • Does not cause photosensitivity
  • Provides UV protection
  • Hypoallergenic, product dermatologically tested
  • Helps fade dark spots

Treatment of dry and very dry skins or those with a tendency toward atopy.

There are two available formats:


To whom is ACILAC HIDRA body treatment milk especially addressed?

In general, anyone who wants skin that remains moisturised, especially people with dry, scaly skin problems.

What is the difference between ACILAC HIDRA and other body milks?

Primarily, the benefits from its active ingredient. ACILAC forces the skin to retain water thanks to its high Gluconolactone Complex pH 4.0 content.

What is Gluconolactone Complex pH 4.0 and how does it work?

When the skin is dry, it is because its outer layer is flaking abnormally, which acts as a barrier and prevents enough water from being retained. Gluconolactone Complex pH 4.0 breaks this barrier, controlling flaking by optimally bonding cells. Gluconolactone Complex pH 4.0 therefore speeds up skin renewal, optimising its lifecycle and soothing the feeling of itching, making your skin feel happier.

What happens if ACILAC HIDRA body treatment milk is not applied one day?

Absolutely nothing! ACILAC HIDRA provides intense and long-lasting hydration right from day one and, after the first week of application, the “buffer” effect keeps the skin perfectly hydrated even if someday it is not applied. In fact, it has been proven that three days of application are equivalent to one week of moisturising in some people.

Does ACILAC HIDRA have any added value apart from its moisturising properties?

Of course! Gluconolactone Complex pH 4.0 speeds up skin repair and rejuvenation. ACILAC HIDRA also soothes the feeling of itching and fades dark spots on the skin.

What are the benefits of firmer skin?

Appearance, of course! The firmer the skin, the fewer the wrinkles.

It contains no silicones, paraffins or parabens.