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The same active ingredient (Gluconolactone Complex pH 4.0) with triple the concentration. ACILAC FORTE, the repairing cream by Luvilay for the cosmetic treatment of hyperkeratosis.

Say goodbye to flaking and cracking, because ACILAC FORTE even regenerates the hardest hit and extremely dry areas or those with a tendency to crack, such as elbows, knees or heels.

Its great exfoliating power and its instant moisturising capacity make this repairing cream highly effective even if only used occasionally.

  • 100 ml tube

Repairing cream
High Gluconolactone pH 4.0 content
Deep skin regeneration

Regenerates particularly dry and cracked areas such as heels, knees and elbows.
Prevents cracks and calluses.

Repairing cream for people with very dry or scaly skin and the cosmetic treatment of hyperkeratosis.

ACILAC FORTE is available in 100 ml tube format

To whom is ACILAC FORTE body treatment milk especially addressed?

It is especially addressed at people with dry and scaly skin problems, who have some harder hit areas (often elbows, knees or heels) with flaking or cracking. It is also very useful for the treatment of skin diseases causing hyperkeratosis.

What is the difference between ACILAC HIDRA and ACILAC FORTE?

Both products share the active ingredient, Gluconolactone Complex pH 4.0, but ACILAC FORTE has triple the concentration.

What is Gluconolactone Complex pH 4.0 and how does it work?

When the skin is dry, it is because its outer layer is flaking abnormally, which acts as a barrier and prevents enough water from being retained. Gluconolactone Complex pH 4.0 breaks this barrier, controlling flaking by optimally bonding cells. Gluconolactone Complex pH 4.0 therefore speeds up skin renewal, optimising its lifecycle and soothing the feeling of itching, making your skin feel happier.

What happens if ACILAC FORTE body treatment milk is not applied one day?

Absolutely nothing! ACILAC FORTE is highly effective and, even if only used occasionally, is able to recover smoothness in especially dry and/or cracked areas such as elbows, knees and heels.

Does ACILAC FORTE have any added value apart from its repairing properties?

Of course! ACILAC FORTE has great exfoliating powers by removing the flaking accumulated on the surface of the skin. It also helps in the treatment of calluses and hyperkeratosis.

It contains no silicones, paraffins or parabens.